Photos of Lisa doing what she enjoyed most taken by friends and family.

Family Photos

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Lisa at her graduation Lisa’s Graduation November 2001
In November 2001 Lisa Graduated with a BA (Honours) in Business Management.
Lisa at Ascot 2001
Lisa loved any reason to dress up and party. She had a few winners this day.
Lisa skiing in Pennsylvania 2001
Lisa loved skiing especially with her brother Scott. Scott would take her to extreme runs to scare her but she was always uo to the challenge. She also learnt to snowboard.
Las vegas, 2000
After filling her face with breakfast, Lisa was unable to walk any further so she climbed on Scott’s back and said ‘take me shopping gimp’.
Central Park, New York 2001
Lisa and Kelly in the big apple, before the shopping spree!
Lisa relaxing in the hot tub.

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