Clive Wilson’s Tribute Page

Clive and Lisa


She was like a beacon
Burning bright
A Star that glittered
Every night

Shining brightly from above
Filling everyone with her love
Showing them all the way
To live life to the full every day

A party girl
She loved to dance
And would never
Miss the chance

To have a drink
With the boys
And shout and scream
And make a noise

So beautiful to look at
And to touch
Her radiance just
Glowed so much

The centre of attraction
Was where she liked to be
Full of vibrant fun
And laughter and vitality

She showed us all
How much she cared
With the special things
She did and shared

A card a letter
An e-mail too
A text to Mum
Saying I love you

Don’t worry Dad
I’ll be allright
Give Mum a kiss
From me to-night

She loved her brothers
Scott and Ross
And tried to show them
She was boss

Kelly and Donna
So many others too
She had so much
Love for you

She worked so hard
For her degree
The first one ever
In our family

And of this
She was so proud
And celebrated
So very loud

Her reward for this
Was to drink a beer
And in Australia
Travel for a year

Her lifetimes ambition
Had begun
She just wanted to
Have so much fun

For Scott and Kellys wedding
She came home
And returned to Oz
So she could roam

She touched so many in
Her special way
And enriched their lives
Each and every day

By being there
With that beaming smile
She could help them go
That extra mile

Nook became
Her soul mate
And for him she’ll
Be waiting at Heavens gate

But alas before her time
She was snatched away
A more important venue
She has to play

Whilst in her prime
We keep asking why
Did our lovely Angel
Have to die

So many questions
We have to ask
And keep taking
Ourselves to task

To be taken from us
Its just not fair
We all loved our gal
With golden hair

Was there anything
We could have done
Life for our Princess
Had just begun

Life’s so cruel
We never know
When will be
Our time to go

Lord keep her safe
And let her know
Just how much
We all love her so

Her years on earth
Were far too few
She never had time to do all
She wanted to

So everyone
Be aware
When into
The night you stare

That Lisa’s looking
Down on you
And with her loving thoughts
She will help you through

Clive Wilson 9/11/02

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