Gemma’s Tribute


You were a truly amazing, loving caring person and best friend.

To you life was there to be lived and enjoyed. You were always happy, laughing and smiling. You didn’t believe in being down and if you were it was never for long. Your positive attitude rubbed off on everyone else and if I was ever down you would instantly cheer me up by telling me another funny joke or showing me how you could do the splits, again!

I always admired you strong determination to succeed and your sporty competitiveness, whether Golf, Badminton or even Boxercise. You were so sporty I will never forget when we went go-carting and you beat all the boys and came second, leaving them all gob smacked! It was brilliant, girl power! You always had so much energy and there was never a dull moment when you were around. Even on nights when we all came back from town, when most people would be winding the evening down you would still be doing headstands against the wall or encouraging us to sing and dance round the room to every C.D available. You loved the dance floor and we sometimes had difficulty getting you off. You never tired of creating new moves or reconstructing ones from MTV a few hours before. Wherever you are now, I know it will not be far from the dance floor!

You were so positive and always encouraged everyone to make the most of their lives. Through your encouragement you really influenced my decision to go and study for my degree, which I am eternally grateful for.

You were such a good friend that I will never ever forget. I am so glad to have had you in my life and your positive attitude to life will be held dear to me for the rest of my life.

I wish you were here to make me smile once more.

I miss you so much!



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