Jodeci’s Tribute

The Last Goodbye

Tonight, I have lost a dearest friend, a friend who knew she was “BOOYACKASHA” someone who really did have a place in my heart among friends, saying goodbye not knowing that I will ever hear the cheeky voice again. Its really hard tonight as I go to bed, knowing again that the Lisa I saw as a friend will never be able to have a laugh, a smile, a cheeky grin with me or anybody. But the question is why? A fun, loving person who though of family, friends as second to none. Your are my “MONKEYS BUDDY” who made me laugh and smile!

Lisa I would just like to say that you were a true friend who I will never forget and I am just hoping that some good can come out of this.


The question is why? wasn’t she such a remarkable person, given a second chance.

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