Mark’s Tribute

Hang up my boots

The first time I met Lisa she was about 14 years old, and the thing that sticks out in my mind about that first encounter, was her beaming most beautiful smile and this crown of golden hair. That was the first of many happy years I knew Lisa. As a close family friend I became uncle Mark or as Lisa called me Marky Mark.

We played golf on some hot summer evenings, not to see who was the best or who could hit the ball the furthest, it was about talking having a fag and a couple of beers after.
At the Dell we spent a couple of seasons Lisa, Steve, Clive, and me, before the game we all went down the pub for a laugh and a joke.

I remember how proud she was, sat next to her dad shouting and screaming support to her team, and how excited she was when we got season tickets for St Mary’s, the new home for the saint’s football club. It’s hurts to remember and it’s hard to forget. And from time to time I see you sat on a bus or driving a car, I hear your voice when stood in a pub, I’ll miss you Lisa but I’ll never forget you, and when that day comes when I hang up my boots and the light fades to dark I’ll see you again…………………

Love Marky Mark

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