Will’s Tribute



I never did reply your last email. Nothing changes; you always did have the last word! I don’t think I ever told you how proud I am of you. You were and will always be an extra special person, with a truly unique spirit and burning energy all of your own. Sure you did some crazy shit from time to time, but what made you stand out was your appetite for life. You wanted to make the best of life….and you did. I will always remember and aspire to this in everything I do.

My brother said something to me recently that until now had not dawned on me. He said I was lucky to have shared so much with someone so special. He’s right Lisa. The time I spent with you was wonderful. We were each others first love and we knew no different from what we did. I would not change a single thing, well….maybe I should of brought you home at twelve rather than two in the morning from our first date. Your dad looked like he was going to throttle me….and enjoy it. You were beautiful, selfless, funny and I was incredibly proud to have you as my girlfriend. Thank you for all those great times. Thank you for our continuing friendship throughout the last three years. I was genuinely disappointed if you were not working on a Sunday when I went to the golf club. You were not only my first love but also a fantastic friend who always had time for me.

What you did at University was remarkable. Truly astounding. I know you know how proud everyone was of you and your achievements, but I bet it didn’t touch how proud you were of yourself. Nice one babe, you did it. Confession time Lisa – I never did get an A in GCSE English. I’m sorry, it was one of those little white lies that escalated out of control which I couldn’t go back on. In a way I’m glad I lied to you, it used to really piss you off. When the day came when you received your first of many academic distinctions you took great delight in telling me and rightly so. Priceless!!!

That’s it for now darling. I’ll write again soon. You will always be in my heart and mind. I love you. I miss you.

Will x x x

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