Lisa The Mummy – it’s a boy!

Lisathedaddy gave birth to her foal at 3am on Friday 26th March. It’s a boy (a colt), yet to be named.
Here he is, a few days old, walking with his mother..


Clive did it!

“The rush was extreme, couldn’t believe the speed as I dived into the abyss.”

Our intrepid jumper, Clive Wilson.

Yesterday, on Lisa’s birthday, Clive did the highest bungy in the world, jumping from 134 meters above the rugged Nevis River in Queenstown, New Zealand. Not many people would have the nerves to do it, Lisa would have been very proud.

See the video and more photos of Clive’s jump here…

Clive to do the highest bungee jump in the world

As you know, Clive and Trish are currently in New Zealand, following Lisa’s footsteps across the country she found to be truly amazing.  Whilst she was in Queenstown N.Z, Lisa did a free-fall parachute jump and also the biggest bungee jump in the world from the Nevis high wire of 134 Metres.

The video she sent home is now shown as an inspirational DVD to young people to encourage them to go and live their dreams.

And on Lisa’s 31st birthday, March 15th, Clive will make the jump himself.

As you know, Lisa’s charity to date has raised over £180,000 and changed the lives of some forty young students that it has given bursaries to – young students who have had to demonstrate how they have overcome adversity and why they need additional funding to help them with their educational dreams and ambitions.

If you would like to sponsor Clive by making a donation to the charity, it would be gratefully appreciated if you could use the Gift Aid form below which will enable us to maximize any donation you may make.

Gift Aid Form.pdf

Please make cheques payable to “The Lisa Wilson Scholarship Fund” and send to: Clive Wilson, Peartree Cottage, Nomansland, Salisbury, Wiltshire, SP5 2BN.

Photos of Clive’s jump will appear here shortly.. watch this space.

The Lloyd family

Jo Harwood, Lisa’s friend and traveling companion, met David Lloyd in Australia when they were there in 2002. They fell in love and married in Australia, eventually moving back to the UK where Jimmy was born. Last month Jo gave birth to a baby girl who they named Grace Lisa in memory of her good friend Lisa. Here they are pictured on a recent visit to Tricia and Clive.