DP World make amazing donation with the help of Aussie Dave

DP World, who previously traded as Southampton Container Terminals, have just donated an amazing £5,000 to The Lisa Wilson Scholarship Fund.  The Fund was one of five local charities chosen to receive part of a total sum of £35,000.  Campbell Mason, The Managing Director of DP World, has explained that when the company makes major procurements they request that their suppliers make a contribution towards their funding of local charities, which enables them to pass it on into the local community.

The company’s initiative is to get their employees to nominate local charities who may benefit from their donations. One of their employees is our friend Dave Lloyd, the Aussie who owned the back-packers establishment in Sydney where Lisa and Jo Harwood stayed during their travels in 2002.

Dave & Jo fell in love and eventually married, and are now living in the UK.  They have just recently given birth to their first child.  Dave moved from Australia to be with Jo and has worked with DP World for the last few years.  He approached his company on behalf of the Lisa Wilson Scholarship Fund, hoping that the charity may see some small benefit and was absolutely gobsmacked when he was told how much the charity would benefit. The timing of the donation is absolutely in line with the announcement of this year’s bursary recipients, and this donation should cover this year’s intake of students and help continue Lisa’s legacy.