Lisa’s journals stolen by burglar… but then returned!

Two weeks ago Clive and Trish returned from holiday to find that their house had been burgled. Amongst the items stolen along with the safe were Lisa’s journals and all the postcards she had sent during her travels. Devastated, Clive contacted the Daily Echo asking them to run an article in hopes of tracking down the burglar.. After a piece by Mike Osman on the local Radio Solent and the article in the Echo, Clive and Trish were asked to appear on Meridian News, to appeal for help.  On the night of Thursday 11th December, while Clive and Trish were at a Christmas party, the burglar crept back to the scene of the crime and left the journals and postcards in the front porch.

Since then there has been a rush of interest in this story, with newspapers and television news crews arriving at the house desperate to cover what has turned out to be a heartwarming Christmas tale with a happy ending. The Wilsons have now appeared on Meridian News and the ITV News at Ten, and have been approached by That’s Life magazine to run an article on the story.

There has been a LOT of press coverage! The news so far…


BBC News – Thief returns journal to parents – with CCTV footage of the burglar’s return

Daily Mail – Guilt-ridden thief returns couple’s journal detailing last thoughts of dead daughter

Daily Echo – Couple plead for return of tragic Lisa’s journal
Daily Echo – Burglar returns family’s mementos of late daughter

The story even made it into the news in Australia: Melbourne Herald Sun

Scanned newspaper articles:

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