Charity hits £200,000!!

On Wednesday 20th October, Clive & Scott Wilson were sat in the boardroom of one of their suppliers, and during lunch they were asked to show the video of the bungee jump Clive carried out in New Zealand.

Having watched the jump, the Managing Director of the company asked how much money had been raised by the bungee jump.
“£2,500,” Clive answered.
“Then I’ll double that,” stated the anonymous donor.
As well as bringing the bungee jump total to in excess of £5,000, the huge significance of this donation is that it means that the charity has now raised over £200,000 in Lisa’s memory.

In three weeks time it will be the eighth anniversary of Lisa’s tragic accident.

When we started the charity we could never have dreamt that we could have raised this amazing amount of money in Lisa’s memory. This now means that Lisa’s legacy is 200 years of education; £1,000 a year is granted as a bursary to each of the selected students.

Although she is not here today, we know she would be incredibly proud of her amazing legacy and the fact that some eight years after her death she is still managing to effect the lives of so many young people—some 44 students to date.

Also, it is quite fitting that the new colt that was born to our horse ‘Lisa the Daddy’ shall carry the name ‘Lisa’s Legacy’ when he starts to race.

My family and I would like to thank everyone for their amazing support, not just financially but emotionally over the last eight years. We are so pleased that something so positive can come out of such a terrible tragedy.

Thank you all.